Keystone State Phlox - Color Palette with HEX values

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Pennsylvania Phlox Garden
Hex Codes from bottom left to top: #394300  #4f5c26  #cf5f37  #95009f  #541c63  #bd62e1  #ad77d9

We’ve been enjoying our visits to local greenhouses, like Funk’s Riverside Greenhouse. This season we bought Abraham Lincoln tomatoes and Big Bertha green pepper plants both are doing great in our backyard garden and we are looking forward to the harvest. We are especially looking forward to homemade tomato sandwiches! It’s so easy to make these, the kids can do it. You can even get fancy and serve it open-faced like thisPA is in full bloom right now.

Phlox is painting the town in color. This photo was taken on a walk with the kiddos. After the incredibly long and gray East Coast winter, we've got to get out as much as we can to soak up the vitamin D! The kids are happy digging in the dirt and I love teaching them how to plant and harvest our own homegrown fruits and veggies. For me having them understand the importance of growing healthy delicious food is a major part of the early summer season. We've also been making mini terrariums to freshen the air inside of our home, one of many cute ideas found on Hello Wonderful

We are so excited summer is finally here and are looking forward to taking trips to buy fresh farm produce at The Tomato Barn which has Washington Boro Tomatoes, ice cream, and farm animals to feed. 

Each week during the summer season, we visit The Corn Wagon for fresh picked Lancaster PA farm-grown fruits and vegetables. The kids can bring their own bags and load up while talking to the farmers who grew the plants and work on the farm. They love the corn but look forward to the huge blackberries, so I let them each get their own pint for the ride home :-)

Hope your summer is starting off perfectly!

Peace + Love,

Jess - ACD 


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