Cancun Candy Clouds

Cancun CloudsHex codes from bottom left to top:
#dbf6d3  #a3e9f5  #90B5AE  #57z7b0  #635344  #493438  #030301

Family, refreshing water, warm sun and guacamole, lots of guacamole!!!!

To celebrate my sister turning the big 3-0, we took an adventure together to Cancun, Mexico. It took us a few extra years to get there, but we finally found a few days to get away around this same time last year. We stayed at a resort and the building was under renovation which was awesome for us, because so we got a great deal through Southwest

Both of us always seem to be busy with something. Whether it's work, kids or school, multiple jobs, goals and commitments. We were both exhausted and needed the getaway for many reasons, but the most important one was to spend some quality time with each other. Growing up, being only 2 years apart we were always together. As college and adulthood came upon us we just don’t get to spend as much quality time together as we once did. I miss the days when it was just about us discovering the world together.

Getting the opportunity to do the things you want takes a lot of work, and time is not on our side. Spending those important moments with my kids, family and friends along with traveling for inspiration in my work are always very important goals to me.  It’s all about finding a fine balance that allows you to have all these things in your life. 

Time is something none of us are immune to, don't forget to make it!
And also make a lot guac, this always makes me happy (don't forget the limes and tequila).

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Work/Life Balance:
Measuring What Makes Life Worthwhile:

Southwest Vacations:

Getting Hungry?

Did you say cotton candy clouds? Best part about being an adult is you can eat candy all day errrrr day. Here's a healthy alternative...that's out of this world, healthy and beach approved.

Peace + Love,

Jess - ACD

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Cloud Sunsets in Cancun

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