Costa Rica, Peninsula Papagayo - Color Palette with HEX values

Costa Rica color Palette

Hex Codes from bottom left to top:

When our first born turned 1 year we took a family trip to Costa Rica to celebrate his birthday and our first year as parents. YAY! We made it! :)
We are figuring it all out, but this Ted talk  helps. After putting in the work for the first year we were ready to treat ourselves to the beautiful Garden of Eden we call, Costa Rica.

Lots of laying around sunbathing and exploring this beautiful country with our little man. Our first stop was at the Andaz, at Peninsula Papagayo for 5 days before continuing on our Costa Rican journey, lots of more photos to come. While we were here at Andaz we were treated to calm shores, gentle breezes, soothing nature walks, jungle tours, waterspouts, bird watching, and massages.

Open beaches, lush landscapes, tropical wildlife, and tasty tropical snacks to enjoy. Chao Pescao, by far our favorite restaurant had the most delicious tuna sashimi and I still think about every day. 

"Balance is bullsh*t" totally sums this up.

Peace + Love,

Jess - Alarmclock Design 


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