Haifa Bahai Gardens - Color Palette with HEX values

Bahai Gardens photo and Haifa inspired color palette ACD 2018

Hex codes from bottom left to top: 

#962c30 #d40e3f #883891 #a2b42a #e86747 #e2b96a #83bffe

Have you ever heard of a religion called Bahá'í? While pregnant with my first son, I traveled to Israel for a wedding with my husband. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a quick trip to the Haifa Gardens. As it turns out the town of Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and is a destination for the Bahá'í pilgrims, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home of the Bahá'í World Centre. This incredible place is visited by thousands of tourists and locals each year and houses beautiful gardens filled with flowers, sculptures, trees, pools and gorgeous water fountains.

When I got out of our cab at the at the top of the site, I immediately felt a sense of peacefulness. We walked around the many tiers of gardens for over 5 hours just quietly taking it all in and learning more about the culture and history of the site. The 
Bahá'í Faith (/bəˈhɑːiː, -ˈhaɪ/; Persian: بهائی‎ Bahā'i) is a religion that teaches unity and equality for all humankind, and the vital worth of all religions from the past. Amazing right? It gets better… As I understand it, the Bahá'í work toward a New World Order aka the coming together of all of the people of Earth in a kind and just manner, living peacefully together in respectful justice and harmony for all.

I left the gardens feeling changed and hopeful with each breath of fresh air. With so much profound political insanity lately, reflecting on this time has inspired me to calm down, unify, listen to others, stay strong, and keep a peaceful mind. There is a collection of letters that were published in the late 1930’s called World Order of Bahá'u'lláh, it’s available on Amazon here. It will stay on my bookshelf indefinitely.

Peace & Love

Jess - ACD



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