Lancaster Lion - Color Palette with HEX values

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ACD Lion Blog Image color swatches with hex codes

Hex Codes from bottom left to top: #1f1729  #2c2724  #364b48  #a3531b  #ad9526  #adcf3a  #fffa3d

If you're living in the Northeast right now, bring your umbrella everywhere. Here in Lancaster, Pa it's been raining for almost a whole month. Lancaster has a lot of farms which means fresh, a lot of local produce. Thanks to all the rain the locally farmed watermelon is stellar this year. Grilled watermelon and feta is on the menu at The Belvedere Inn in Lancaster, PA. One night while visiting the Inn, I noticed this lion door knocker glaring at me and I snapped this shot. The building itself has an interesting story, it's a Victorian Italianate style city mansion built in 1869 by the late John S. Rohrer. Rohrer was a tobacco dealer from Strasburg, PA who frequented the Inn to entertain his guests. He incorporated a belvedere, or a "beautiful view," on top of the mansion for his guests to look across the historic city of Lancaster. 

I couldn't see much of an outdoor view from the bar but you can almost hear the walls talking. The dark, ornate interior decoration transports you to another time.  Hope you enjoy this free desktop pattern below and make sure to check out our new backpack line, perfect for your travels to any city rain or shine.

Enjoy your day!

Jess - ACD

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