Stratton Sunrise - Color Palette with HEX Values

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Vermont Summer Palette

Hex codes from bottom left to top:
#9c918b  #7f7b31  #efcfc0  #c17f4f  #40491a  #9ca3ab #bf9c7

Around this time last year, a group of my friends, my sister, and my wonderful yoga teacher got together for a much-need pause/vacation. We rented an Airbnb, went to a festival and chilled out HARD porch style. It was the perfect beginning to our summer. This snapshot is from one of the nights we went out for dinner at the restaurant SoLo, reminded me of another restaurant in Bethlehem where I live, Bolete…AMAZING. We joked all night that we felt like we were in an alternate universe of our lives at home but in Vermont. It was a perfect meal - with a diverse menu, creative cocktails and the best part was the company.

is such a beautifully well-preserved state and everything is so green in the summer, like electric green. Each time I visit, I come home feeling refreshed and unplugged. After living in NY city for close to a decade it was essential from time to time, to get out of the chaos and spend time with the people I loved and didn’t see nearly enough of. Sometimes I wish these “pause” trips were mandatory, but over the years I realized that making the time for yourself and others is essential for the soul, and for the mind. Summer is so short and has just begun, make the best of it!

Airbnb Vermont: Airbnb
Wanderlust Festivals: Festival
SoLo Farm to Table (James Beard Nominee 2014-2015) SoLo
Bolete, Bethlehem PA (James Beard Nominee 2015): Bolete
Shaw’s General Store:
Alysha Pfeiffer : Yoga Teacher
Take a class at The Yoga Loft, Bethlehem PA

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