Eugene Fireside Donuts - Color Palette with HEX values

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Oregon Coast image with hex codes - ACD

Hex codes from bottom left to top:
#4d1214  #b24725  #2e5492  #071a3a  #96b1dc  #956366 #84171a

Camping on the Oregon Coast.
It’s that time of the year again on the east coast, camping season! This shot was taken a while back while camping along the coastline in the Pacific Northwest. That delicious vegan donut right there, that’s an O.D.B. (Old Dirty Bastard) from Voodoo Donuts in Eugene, Oregon (chocolate frosting, Oreo cookies, and peanut butter!). The R.E.I. camping cup paired well with King Fish Cabernet. The Pacific Northwest is a magical place, a place to take in with long deep breaths of northwestern pine trees + air. Where the foodie scene is right on, and the camping is breathtaking. Not sure if we’ll make it to the northwest this year, but I am certain we will be camping somewhere! Get out outdoors, grab some donuts and vino and hit the road!

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Camping on the Oregon Coast 
Fish and Chips? Try The Crazy Norwegians. We loved this little gem along the coast. Great food and friendly service.

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Peace + Love,

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