Medano Dunes - Color Palette with HEX values

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Star dunes ACD - paletteHex codes from bottom left to top:
#a3e9f5  #f8c085  #fed989  #6b7a75  #a98a76  #323335 #857b7a

Summers in Colorado are full of hiking and exploring the great wide and expansive west. Pay attention to the night sky, Star Child.

One of the strangest places I’ve ever been to in Southern Colorado is Medano Creek. In the middle of this expansive valley where wild horses and yellow wild flowers exist together like a picture perfect dreamscape. This part of the country has a stretch of land that consists of the highest sand dunes in North America. Only just recently did they name this park, The Great Sand Dunes, a National Park. Mountains and mountains of enormous sand dunes, the largest named "Star Dune", which are surround by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains far off in the distance and nestled in the The San Luis Valley. Driving here at night is like the beginning of an alien abduction movie, the "Truth Is Out There". 

Lights in the sky?  The San Luis Valley is a weird place, where the sky and the earth meet and reality and solitude can play tricks on the mind. The night before our hike we went to the park with flashlights and walked along the "beach", it was little dark to say the least! The next morning at 5am after a rainstorm we hiked the dunes to watch the sunrise. At that point it wasn't too hot, so we hiked the hardened sand to watch the sunlight pour over the earth. It was amazing.

"From the Hill" 
by Aaron Abud
We sat and watched the sun sink
Into the vivid horizon.
Even the birds had come to watch
The beautiful mix of orange and
pink illuminating from the
openings of space.
A bird sits alone
Upon the towers that stretched
on to the edge of the earth.
From the hill we watched in awe,
Overwhelmed by the beauty
before us.
The moment still flows in my veins.
For I will never forget that day
That the breeze caused my skin 
to crawl,
But we stayed,
And watched,
Until the pink became red, 
and the red became black,
And we walked home with 
stained memories.

We will miss you.
11/14/1992 - 9/4/2010

Peace + Love

Ariana Alarmclock Design 

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